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Hardwood Plywood Cabinet

Our SkyPly® hardwood plywood is GREENGUARD certified for indoor environmental air quality standards.


Our broad variety of species options allow us to meet many design needs.

We offer domestic species like White Birch and Alder, exotic species such as Zebrawood and Anegre, and a full line of engineered veneers.

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Core Options

Core Options

  • Veneer

    • Constructed using western softwood innerplies
  • Hardwood Cross Band (HXB)

    • Combines hardwood veneer crossbands with western softwood veneer innerplies
  • Combination Fiber Core (CFC)

    • Combines MDF crossbands with softwood veneer innerplies
  • Particleboard

    • A multi-layered substrate, produced from a blend of western softwood
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

    • Consists of pre-consumer recycled wood fiber
  • MultiPly

    • a premium quality, multi-layered, veneer core constructed of nearly void-free uniform Birch 


Finishing Options 


RediFinish Application

Factory pre-finished using an automated system consisting of sanding, sealing, curing, and top coating of each panel.



RediPly Application

Produced using the finest hardwood veneer on the face and durable Duramine® thermally fused laminate (TFL) on the back. 



RediBead Application

A decorative beaded panel that combines the look and feel of hardwood with a tongue and groove beaded appearance.


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Additional Resources

To view our full breadth of SkyPly® Hardwood Plywood visit our desktop site here.

Glossary of Terms

SkyPly® LEED® v4

SkyPly® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

SkyPly® GREENGUARD Certification

RediPly GREENGUARD Certification

RediFinish GREENGUARD Certification