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Who We Are


Roseburg is a closely-held forest products company, building value with timberlands, safe and efficient manufacturing, and passionate, capable people. We market quality products and provide superior customer service at a profit to sustain growth.



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Roseburg was founded in 1936 by Kenneth Ford, a pioneer in the forest products industry, which means we’ve been around for more than 80 years. That may seem like plenty of time in human years, but at that age, a tree is just coming into its own. We like to think that as a company we’re doing the same.



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We are completely committed to the growth, harvest and conversion of wood. With our philosophy of sustainability through raising and harvesting our own timberlands, responsibly sourced wood is more relevant than ever. Whether it’s to the customer, an entire forest, or an individual log, we take our responsibilities seriously and are always looking for ways to improve. 


 Core Values


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Driven to Win

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Safe to the Core